years of reading the very detailed and exceptionally well documented articles in the MIT/Harvard Journal of Cold War Studies. A list of suggested secondary sources emphasizing histories and articles is provided by the author on this book’s Internet website. 
Faith and Family. The author feels profound gratitude for the extraordinary blessings of liberty he and his family, including his parents, have personally experienced in America. His Chilean-born wife, Carla, and American-born sons Andreas and Mattias, and their special gifts of music, theater, and appreciation of a wide range of cultures and choices unimaginable in totalitarian societies, have given their love and support to the author’s long pilgrimage. May this book encourage new generations of scholars, policymakers, and free-spirited people around the world to be encouraged by God-given rights and blessings and a free society’s boundless opportunities to rally to the cause of defending and extending the interrelated speheres of peace, freedom, and justice in a deeply wounded and increasingly dangerous world.
[Book pg. 527]

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