"This scholarly history casts critical new light on the Cold War’s larger historical context, ideological roots, diplomatic and defense strategies, and strategic turning points. The author’s analysis brings valuable insights on today’s conflicts between the faiths and forces of peace and freedom and those of totalitarians in an age of weapons of mass terror and destruction."
— Henry A. Kissinger, National Security Advisor 1969-1975; Secretary of State 1973-77
"Kraemer provides key facts on the Soviet Union’s totalitarian nature, doctrines, military power, diplomatic deceptions, global pressure points and U.S. response strategies. He incorporates impressive documentation on Ronald Reagan’s strategies for nuclear deterrence, anti-missile defenses, arms control, diplomacy, and support for anti-Communist forces to contribute to the defeat of Soviet military power."
— Donald R. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, 1975-1977, 2001-2005
"In this pioneering analysis and documentary compilation, Sven Kraemer, a scholar and policy practitioner of many years’ experience, has achieved a new milestone in the scholarship of totalitarianism. This is a comprehensive and ground-breaking encyclopedic work that will be valued for decades to come." 
— Richard V. Allen, Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution, Foreign Policy Advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and U.S National Security Advisor to Ronald Reagan
"Authoritative documentation and unique insights by a long-time U.S. civil servant who shared Ronald Reagan’s faith in freedom and who contributed importantly to the president’s revolutionary winning strategy. Must reading for new generations."
— Edwin Meese III, Presidential Counselor, 1981-1985, U.S. Attorney General 1985-1988
"Kraemer, whose own contribution to America’s Cold War victory was immense, was there as it happened. He lived it; now he tells it. This history cannot be studied without this indispensable Inside the Cold War."
— Richard N. Perle, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, 1981-1987